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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Use Folding Pallet Box to Lift Heavy Loads

Many companies around the world are manufacturing pallet boxes. But there are many specializations in the pallet boxes that are manufactured by SHG. These pallet boxes are used in many fields like automotive, food, electronic and many other industries. The folding pallet box that is manufactured by SHG has a convenient way in transporting goods. They are used in domestic and in export market. They are used to carry heavy weight products as this has the facility of lifting by a pallet trucks. The pallet boxes are made of steel, plastic, wood or paper. Mostly plastic is used in the manufacture of pallet box because of its light weight. Since the plastic is non corrosive, non-vulnerable to climatic changes and water resistant, the pallet box is durable and hygienic. It is mostly used in electronic and medical industry. 

The pallet boxes are available in many sizes and shapes with rich colors that do not fade. The pallet boxes are provided with ventilated holes that promote air circulation in the boxes and with doors that can be dropped down. Due to its less weight and durability, it reduces the damage of the product and also reduces the back injuries. These can be accommodated in smaller area due to its folding capacity. These are used to carry heavy weight electronic goods. The SHG manufactured these pallets in such a way that it can be used in any type of industries. SHG is the only company that provides the pallet boxes at low cost but the usage of pallet boxes are more.

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