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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Preform Mold Tooling Importance and Benefits

Preform molding is one of the types of molding technique which is mainly used or implemented by our company more commonly for the production of bottles. There are certain problems involved in this preform molding technique. Thus we are adopting a certain method called Preform Mold Tooling to overcome such problems. This method involves various processes which are very much essential for the proper preform molding. 

·         The most essential step involved in this process is the proper design and manufacturing of cavities, core pin and neck rings. This states that the above stated elements of the preform molding machine should be made from suitable or good quality steel.

·         The next process involved in tooling is that, the preform molding machines should undergo an proper evaluation by the R&D department where the problems in molding machines can be found easily and then they can be eliminated. The Preform Mold Tooling method involves supplying new preform mold injections where they can produce a maximum of 96 to 144 cavities in it. 

·         There involves another step in it ie. Retooling of the existing or present molds in the machines where this increases the life span of the molds and reduces the fault caused in the mold. Then it is continued with the hot or high temperature refurbishment and part or less line refurbishment. 

·         The most important step involved in tooling is that proper installation of mold and followed by personalization of mold parts.
·         The final step involved in this process is the proper commissioning of the machines and the molds should be processed at the desired destination or location where it is located.

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