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Friday, 19 October 2012

Collapsible crate: Perfect for College Students to Contain Books and Materials

SHG—Sino Holdings Group is the best collapsible crate manufacturer in China and all over the world. We spend a lot manpower and financial cost on research and development collapsible crate.
Collapsible crate manufacturer as one of SHG main projects, we established a professional design department to research and development our unique feature collapsible crate. In addition, we have a strong production and sales force of collapsible crate manufacturer and collapsible crate mould. Sino mould had been a trusted household name for decades, and it is a very, very specialized company in crate mould manufacturer. We gain rich experience in crate mould project in these years.
This year, we research and development collapsible crate manufacturer. We not only supply collapsible crate, but also offer you one-stop plastic injection molding service. The service includes collapsible crate manufacturer, plastic parts design, collapsible crate mould making, and collapsible crate injection molding machine, plastic parts surface treatment, plastic parts assembly and plant layout and construction. 

Collapsible crate manufacturer become increasingly popular in recent year among from big enterprises using to family using. We received a lot of customers’ reviews about our collapsible crate manufacturer. One of the family user said that every member of his family owns at least one collapsible crate for their daily use. The collapsible made by SHG are fantastic for carrying groceries home in the car or storing sports equipments and livelihood. If the collapsible crate becomes dirty or dusty, they clean up great with little soap and water in the shower. 

A number of customer said that the collapsible crate is perfect for college students to contain books and study materials. There is no need shelf any more. Moreover, as to its long lasting and durable, one collapsible crate will last on through graduate school. Collapsible is the biggest benefit of collapsible crate. In non-use of it, you can collapse the crate to save space. A collapsed crate volume is only accounted for 1/4 – 1/3 assembled. 

Collapsible crate manufacturer become much more popular not only in China, but also in Europe, North America, South America and so on. Many SUV car users prefer to put a collapsible crate in the back of the truck. It saves so much room for the car. Why SHG is called the best collapsible crate manufacturer? One of the main reasons is that we have professional mould making team. The collapsible crate mould making needs high precision technology and rich experiences. Only this mould can make the products with lightweight and good appearance in the shortest cycle time. The manufacturing and processes as follows:

1.       Drawing and measuring
2.       Make collapsible crate 2D and 3D drawings
3.       Making collapsible crate mould with 2D and 3D drawings
4.       Processing and machining by CNC, Drilling, Milling, and Electric discharge machines, wire cut electro discharge machining, Engraving and die spotting.
5.       Assembly / installation
6.       Collapsible crate manufacturer mould trial and exam whether the sample meet up with customer’s requirements or not.
7.       Delivery the mould

A good collapsible crate manufacturer can supply you durable, stackable, long lasting, non-toxic, odorless, moisture, corrosion resistance, lightweight. Lock gorgeous, colorful and ideal appearance. All above requirements that listed, we can do them very well. SHG collapsible crate has many models and sizes. You can buy as our standard sizes or you can tell us the model you want to design of course. 

Now, we have enough experience and technology to satisfy customer’s requirements. In addition, we are looking for customers in the whole world to expand our market. If you would like to buy collapsible crate products, or collapsible crate mould, or want to be collapsible crate manufacturer, please contact us. We will offer you perfect solution for your project.

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