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Saturday, 20 October 2012

SHG Foldable Storage Crates in China

Most Traditional storage crates, especially large container, require large amount space when not using. It will lead to occupy lot of space. And also will bring many troubles and inconvenient when transportation. In order to avoid this unnecessary trouble and solve this problem. Sino mould do the carefully study to develop a series of foldable storage crates. We called it SHG foldable storage crates.

Foldable storage crates also called plastic folding crates, Collapsible Crates, Foldable Crates and etc. Generally speaking, the foldable storage crates can equip with flat cover or the renovate cover. The renovate cover foldable storage crates is the professional logistic box, which can pile type, no matter whether the complementary box cover has or no cover, will not effect the fluctuation two housing or more housing flexible stack.
Our company has a variety of foldable storage crates specifications for the customer to choose, can also according to customer request production. Firm, the transportation is convenient, can recycle for use.To prevent the virus spreading,Can be used multiple times and reduce the cost. SHG Foldable Storage Crates usually uses HDPE or PP for molding.

Foldable Storage Crates adopt international fashion style, according to the different folding type .There are two type folding method: folding style and inside inverse. It takes up small space during unused time. After folding, the volume only occupy 1/4 to 1/3 of the general assembly volume.With light weight, covers less area and convenient to combination, even can be use to food carry, convient and clean. While it takes up 25%-50% of original space, Foldable storage crates much decreased its shipping and storage costs, around 50% to 75% cost.

Foldable storage crates are widely used in the each big chain market, 24-hour convenience store, large distribution center, fruits and vegetables, department stores, light industry, household appliance, food processing and closed loop circuit distribution system. Can realized the mechanization transportation.Improve the circulate rationalization and effciency; make the user torage and transportation with low cost. Foldable storage crates is a kind type which can meet morden company carry out environment protection requirement and the zero stock plan.

The material for the foldable storage crates usually choose PP,PE or HDPE.HDPE is the common using. Sino mould foldable storage crates choose HDPE to reach the high using life requirement.In order to make our foldable storage crates reach the high working life tesing.Our reach and development engineer working harder and harder and successfully invented a special modified HDPE material.This material using life is better than the normal one.But it also bring some other injection molding defects. Such as discontent injection,not smooth plastic surface,and flashed.For the sake of save these cases,our reach and develop engineer spare every every effort to molded with good quality,high using life,smoth surface and without flash through highlight injection molding technology.


Please do not put long time in the sunshine; also do not set near to the fire or the temperature higher than 150 degree. To adapt to the environment,the  temperature better keeping - 25 to + 60 .

With the development of the mordern transportation and the society requirement,The foldable storage crates using is become develop increasingly and  common. Sino mould is looking for the customer all over the world. We aim to supply the customer our best service and high quality products. Our faith in the spirit of honesty, responsibility, quality of production of each product and enthusiasm treat customers. If you are demand for the foldable storage crates or you have any interested to know more about our products and will to make purchasing, welcome to make detail consultation.

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