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Sunday, 18 November 2012

SINO – One of the Best Foldable Crate Manufacturers in China

As a professional foldable crate manufacturer in china, Sino mould spares our every effort to support our customer best foldable crate product. There are many foldable carte manufacturers in china. Sino attentively make each product, and struggle to be the one of the best foldable crate maker in china. In order to make the best service to the customer and help those to find the right way to search a good foldable crate manufacturer. Sino mould shares the blow information. Hope can be useful for the foldable crate buyer.

When purchasing foldable crates, usually choose the lowest foldable crate manufacturer’s quotation. This is exactly what is called you get what you pay off. Mostly, the foldable crate manufacturers choose HDPE or PP, these two kinds plastic to make the foldable crate. HDPE is a high degree of crystalline, nonpolar thermoplastic resin. Foldable crate manufacturer in order to make the high quality foldable crate also will take the raw material into consideration. 

To the customer whom will purchase the foldable crate from the foldable crate manufacturer. In order to help, the purchaser has a specific orientation for the foldable crate manufacturer. Sino mould will teach you how to choose the best foldable crate and the best foldable crate manufacturer. During the foldable crate production cost, the raw material cost covers about 60% proportion. And this also is the foldable crate manufacturer where can shoddy replace the material. How?

The main action is add 30%-50% even 70% proportion recycling material, thus per kg products can reduce the cost of 1.2-3 RMB. In addition, custom colors choose the color master batch or the color toner also has the difference. Color master batch is expensive than the color toner, about 0.8-1 RMB per kg. Of course, the color will be more bright and can not easy to fade away.

When the customer purchase the foldable crate or choosing the foldable crate manufacturer, then the color of the foldable crate had better do not choose the deep color like grey or deep blue color. Because the secondary market recycling material more than 90% is this two color, if you choose these two colors. It equals to tell the foldable crate manufacturer that you can accept the foldable crate add the recycling material. The best foldable crate color, as a foldable crate manufacturer we suggest the customer choose the white color.

To the foldable crate manufacturer with do not add the recycling material, apart from the product structure, quantity, payment terms and any other factors. The product color change would not affect the price. That means no matter the foldable color is grey, blue, light yellow, red, green or black. The price is the same.

Generally, Some of Sino mould customers choose the red, yellow and green color, because they are color is bright and looks beautiful. Of course, the white is the best material. As a professional and normal foldable crate manufacturer, for the foldable crate color we will follow the customer special requirement. And we don’t use the recycling material.

As a normal foldable crate in china, Sino mould not only offer you Engineering service for plastic crate mould manufacturing, but also offer you the crate mould high speed molding solutions, high speed and high production capacity, keeping our customers in the lead. We are very appreciate is you choose Sino Mould as your foldable crate manufacturer. We always keep the principle: excellent quality, innovative technique, service first to provide our clients with best quality services. Welcome to make detail consultation, we are looking forward to receiving your any comments.

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