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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

SINO - An Excellent Folding Crate Container Manufacturer with High Quality

Crate container is different from other plastic packing material. Ordinary plastic packing material is disposable. The packing will be thrown away after taking out the products. Crate container can reuse, so we should take the transportation and store into consideration during design the folding crate container. According to different performance, crate container can be divided into four types, piled crate container, imbedded crate container, folding crate container, commonly crate container. Folding crate container will be introduced here.

The material of folding crate container is modified HDPE, modified HDPE have the abilities of light, durable, oil-resisting. It has favorable environmental protection performance and secondary operation performance. It is a new packing material in advanced country. Modified HDPE is white granules, the melting point is 130 degree, and decomposition temperature is 300 degree. It has good ability of heat resistance, cold resistance. Folding crate container should be stored far away from fire.

Comparison between ordinary crate container and folding crate container: Folding crate container is better than the ordinary crate. Because folding crate container can stand higher load. The needed space is smaller than ordinary one. Folding crate container is more convenient and can save the transportation cost.

Folding crate container working environment: It can adapt the environment more quickly than ordinary. Folding crate container can also be fully used though in a narrow space. Saving transportation cost is a light spot in using. It has strong adaptability; it can work in the temperature between 30 degree to 45 degree.

Sino is an excellent folding crate container manufacturer with high quality. The high quality is base on the strict quality control system. We have established a series of test and inspection departments to monitor the folding crate container quality.

Folding crate container dimension inspection: Qualified folding crate container dimension is the key point to crate stacking. The improper dimension will cause irregular stacking. It may increase the stacking space if there is a difference in dimension. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, we have paid special attention to the folding crate container dimension. Our inspection department guys will check the raw material carefully insure there is no problem in injection preparation. In addition, folding crate container mould will also be maintained regularly. The maintainece of the mould can keep the precision dimension.

Folding crate container stacking checking: It can stack in file, the bottom and top can fit very well for qualified crate. When doing inspection, we will pile the folding crates container up and they keep in one straight line even though there are 50 layers folded. Slant and slip are not allowed. If they can't be in a straight line, our engineer will find out the reason and settle it.

Folding crate container pressure resistance inspection: Pressure resistance inspection is to check whether the bottom crate can stand high pressure. We will fill the folding crate container with 15kg goods, then pile them up to 10 layers, keep them in piled state for more than 24 hours. The bottom layer crate won't be out of shape. Then it can pass the testing.

Folding crate container drop testing: The same to above pressure resistance inspection. First, we will fill the folding crate containers with 15kg articles and lid them. Then drop them from 3 meter height, they won't broken at all.

The folding crate container we offered have passed above inspection and testing. So Sino will offer good quality folding crate container to the customers all over the world. And only qualified crate could be sold out. If you need more information, please click here.

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