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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Benefits of buying Foldable Crates from SHG

SHG offers a wide series of plastic foldable cratesSHG foldable crates, ranging from smaller one-unit solutions to larger solutions with up to six separate pieces, all foldable for ease of storage.

Foldable Crates uses the most fashionable style in the world, the way how to fold the crates are: fold it in half, and inner fold. The area of foldable crates will be 2/3-3/4 less than before. It is widely used in the international package and transportation field as its lighting weightless room occupying, convenient assembly etc. Plastic foldable crates are now highly commonly used in all the chain supermarkets, 24hours convenient store, DC Shopping mall appliance, food field and many other business using places.

What are foldable crates?

Foldable crates are very different than normal crates. Normal crates are complete one box that injected from only one mold. It is stabled and can't be fold. As the function of crate, it is used for holding products, the inner room is very big. So when you don't need the crates temporary, the crates will occupy a lot of space in your storage. And the biggest advantage of foldable crates is they can save a lot of room for the customer when they don't want to use them.

The plastic materials of foldable crates are PPR, HDPE which are most commonly used as its light weight and long using life.

The advantages of foldable crates compare to normal crates:

The material is highly light used and is easy to inject. Thus it can save the cost of expanse and also as HEPE and PPR are all belongs to plastic materials that can be used for a long time. Thus, the foldable crates are not easy to get oxidization.

Use the modern international popular designed style and can save a lot of storage room when don’t need them or during transportation (after folded. the foldable crates can save at least 2/3-3/4 room which means for the same truck. Foldable crates can fit double even 3 times more than normal crates. Clear, convenient, environmental protection and its easy management make this kind of foldable crates become more and more popular in package field.

Widely used in all the transportation field and chain supermarkets as well as food containing. As its new designing. It can be disassembled as spare parts as stock. It is good for saving store room and increasing the efficiency. All the foldable crates are designed and calculated after precisely math account and match standard logistics containers as well as packages and boxes. Foldable crates make it possible letting logistics business become standard and professional.

How to assemble foldable crates?

First step: Assemble the side frame with the clicker   
Second step: Assemble the locker with the other side frame              
Third step: Put the both sides of the frame together with the bottom
Last step: Put the cover with the whole foldable crates.

Benefits of buying our foldable crates:

  •   Perfect for everything from light to heavy, sensitive, and highly valuable products
  •   Can be custom fitted according to customer preferences (dimensions, handles, locks, etc)
  •   Safe for builders, due to material’s low weight and lack of nails
  •   Easy to store and stack, boxes are delivered collapsed. That's the best and most important aspect for foldable crates.  
  •   Galvanized steel profiles ensure strength and durability
  •   Integrated locking with slot and tab system facilitates packing and unpacking
  •   Strong protection against difficult transports, long-term storage and climate changes
  •   Certified for hazardous goods     
  •   Easy to assemble and disassemble (you can check the above information of the foldable crates and can figure out by yourself) 
Meets international phytosanitary regulations for export plastic foldable crates packaging Engineers at SHG Foldable Crates Group are able to customize designs with the help of specialized software and expertise in the area. This will minimize damage of products and will reduce overall costs. When developing an optimal packaging solution, specialists take into account such important aspects as packaging material, product properties, sensitivity to handling methods of foldable crates and transportation mode

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