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Monday, 26 November 2012

Collapsible Storage Crates for Medical, Automotive and Household Appliances

Collapsible storage crate adopt the most popular international style. According to the difference of collapsing methods, the volume of the crate from shaping up product reduces to 1/4 - 1/3 of original. Collapsible storage crate has many advantages, such as lightweight, occupies little area, collapsing easier and so on. It is widely used in many chain supermarkets, 24-hour store, large distribution center, department store, light industry, garments, household appliances, food processing and other distribution systems. Collapsible storage crate has four series- 400*300mm, 600*400mm, 650*440mm, 530*365mm, more than 10 specifications.

Collapsible storage crate select and use high impact special strength material HDPE as the raw material to injection molding. The plastic crate also has supporting cover. The freshness and unique collapsible style, it can reduce storage volume and save freight cost when empty. Collapsible storage crates for logistics have a great many specifications and styles. For example, a collapsible storage crate which size is 600mm*400mm*280mm, after collapsing, the size reduce to 70mm. in addition, the space area reach to minimum condition, only has 0.0168 square meter. This result shows that the collapsible storage crate is very convenient. What’s more, the maximum bearing capacity is 75KG. In the meantime, it may realize the modular management for products.

The characteristics of collapsible storage crate are collapsible, occupies little area, nonradioactive, non-toxic, odorless, moisture proof, lightweight, durable, stackable, good-looking, colorful, etc.

According to the performance, crate comes in several varieties:

·         Collapsible storage crate

·         Inserted crate

·         Stacked crate

·         Hollow plate crate

According to physical performance, crate can be divided into 3 parts:

·         Anti-static

·         Electric conduction

·         Insulation

Collapsible storage crate is too much popular in mechanical, medical, automotive, household appliances, light industry and food sectors. The collapsible storage crate is highly resistant to acid and alkali medium, oil resistant and non-toxic tasteless. It can contain electronic industry components, electronic instrument and power meter. As to the reasonable design, clean easily and excellent quality, collapsible storage crate is appropriate for transportation, distribution, storing, processing etc. Collapsible storage crate fits in very well with the various pallet containers, and used for all kinds warehouse, production field and other occasions.

Nowadays, logical distribution management is highly valued by all; collapsible storage crate becomes the must-have instrument.

Frequently Asked Question for your better understanding:

·         Common storage crate compare to collapsible storage crate, which one is better?

Answer: collapsible storage crate can bear heavier loading, occupy little area, convenient to use and distribution, save logistics cost.

·         What is the material of the collapsible storage crate, environmental protection or not?

Answer: Based on Sino rich experiences of collapsible storage crate, we fished out our special design. The plastic material we used to make collapsible storage crate is special HDPE. We adjust the proportion to achieve high toughness, impact resistance, cold and warm resistant and environmental protection. These performances correspond with China, European Union, North America and other countries requirements. In addition, it is well received by food staffs factory, medical, electric products, hardware tools etc.

·         What is the collapsible storage crate applicable environment? What is the cold and warm resistant temperature?

Answer:  Sino collapsible storage crate possesses better air permeability, excellent in cushion effect, elegant appearance, can upgrade your products grade. What is more, the collapsible storage crate we made which suit the changing conditions better than common storage crate. Such as in a small place, you can make great use of it. It saves logistical cost and quicker distribution cycle time. Collapsible storage crate is well adaptable, even though in the environment of 30 degrees to 45 degrees below.

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