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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

SHG: The Best Plastic Foldable Crate Manufacturer in China

SHG is the best Plastic foldable crate manufacturer in China also is the first company that can make the mould for 4 cavities plastic crates. SHG has four series of plastic foldable crate and each series has a full set of different dimensions of crates. All the dimensions are designed after precise calculated, make sure after it is folded; the size is still well matched and makes the full used of the room and the advantage.

The ideal storage of plastic foldable crate that folds flat until needed, and then snaps open instantly. Great for use in the home, office or work place. Store your tools, sporting equipment, toys, food, vegetables etc. Ideal for picnics, boating, camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Perfect for space-saving needs in your garage, basement and recreational vehicle. Basket is 100% recyclable. Optional casters are available and can be ordered separately. Can hold 40 lbs. evenly distributed.Usually a plastic foldable crate consists of four parts: broadside, bottom, top cover and the clickers.

What are the difficult points for injecting Plastic foldable crate?

·           The precise of the injection moulds

As the connecting place at the four pieces of the broadside and the connecting place at the broadsides with the top cover. As well as the places between the buckles and the clickers must be very highly precisely matched, if any of the spare parts of the crate is failed at dimensions, then it means the whole Plastic foldable crate injection molding is failed because the box won’t be able to folded correctly. Besides, there is another places requires very high precise dimension-the designing of the size after or before folded. Because after the boxes’ composition, they will lose the stability and can be easily fall down, thus, the size of the crates should be crossed and can safely be added.       

·           The material of the Plastic foldable crate

As the crates will be used for long time, thus high quality of the material is required. During the over 10 20years of plastic crates manufacturing. We found out that if it is used for temporary containing, then PP is usually be used, as PP is very easily injected and easily molded. If the Plastic foldable crate is permanently used, then usually we choose HDPE as the material for the crates as HDPE is light self weight and also with long using life and safe material for containing food.

Having used this kind of plastic foldable crates in the customers will be so amazed at the quality of these. They fold easily but are incredibly robust and strong once opened. They will  tend to use them everywhere, for example one in the car for plants, muddy boots etc, one in our caravan for washing, one in the kitchen for when you need to transport heavy tins or juice cartons. What’s even better is: In fact I struggle to know how you will manage without them. Even after using several years, they will still be looked fantastic and show no signs wear so would definitely recommend by one customer after another.

Customers can buy this plastic foldable crate to hold various items while having work carried out in the kitchen. They can accommodate and carried canned food, pots, and pans, anything you find in a kitchen cupboard. If you pay a little attention and ensure they are clipped together they cope easily with a surprising amount of weight. These crates are also stackable too, and once assembled easily unclip to store folded until the next time. As they are so lightweight they are ideal to keep in the boot of your car for holding shopping in place, or even for holding work things if you're "out on the road" making loading and unloading your car simple.

SHG Plastic foldable crate offers you all series at different dimensions that used in various fields for containing. We use our own standard size and series of products. We also can customize and design the size of the plastic foldable crate that is particular suitable for the customer's special requirements. We are waiting for your all information and requirements. 

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