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Friday, 21 December 2012

SHG offers the perfect solution for Collapsible Crate box

We are one of the best quality collapsible box suppliers. Moreover, we are trying our best to become much better. Now recently, we have four models of collapsible crates as our standard. More and more people prefer collapsible box than common crates. Because collapsible box can save many space as to the collapsible characteristic. If you buy 400 mm *300 mm *230 mm crate from China, we can put 680 common crate into 20 feet container. However, after being collapsed, a 20 feet container can contain 3060 crates. From the above data, we can find out that if you choose collapsible box, you will save more than half sea freight. 

SHG Company not only is a collapsible box supplier, but also can manufacture collapsible box mould.
The collapsible box mould we made possesses these characteristics: 

Shorten cycle time
The material HDPE we choose which has good flow ability property, it can shorten injection molding time, in the meanwhile improve the productivity and get more profits.

Prolong mould life: after research and development, we find and adopt highlight technology to produce collapsible box mould. The steel plate we choose is DIN2344, DIN2311 made in Germany and 718. A good collapsible box manufacturer should make use of a perfect solution for production. The mould made by Sino Mould will maintain for 5 years when you kept them well. 

Good cooling system
Cooling system is a very important part in collapsible box mould design. It sometimes will affect the injection molding time and prolong products form slowly. What’s more, the collapsible box will be deformed easily. Our company especially the designers pay much attention on the cooling system. 

Simple structure
In order to convenient our customer, our designer make the collapsible box supplier with simple structure. As is known to all, the simpler the structure is, much more convenient clients are. At the same time, collapsible box mould making and injection molding process will be much easier and save cost. 

High efficiency
Customers seek high efficiency of their mould and injection molding system. Therefore, our mould making has the advantage of shorten cycle time and high productivities.

After-sale service: we apply you 100% after-sale service not only the mould, but also the injection molding line. We have a strong and professional after-sale service team. When you got into some trouble, please contact us at any time.

Above characteristics is the collapsible box mould made by us. We adopt highlight molding technology, which is specialized in removing the welding wires and sliver marks from collapsible box. In addition, highlight molding technology will shorten cycle time because of the melted plastic material flow ability is perfect. There are some customers take notices of the appearance of the products; they will require us that the collapsible box mould should possess highlight molding technology to enhance the products surface as smooth as the mirror. 

The material of collapsible box we use is special HDPE, which is recycling and match up to environmental conservancy. This plastic material can reach highly durability demands. We give HDPE a higher specific strength so that it is less transparent and harder to withstand higher temperature. If we choose PP as the raw plastic material, the products cannot bear normally required autoclaving conditions. SHG established our standard to test every collapsible box. In order to produce qualified products, our engineer research and development the raw material day and night. Thus, every product’s quality exported from SHG can be assured. 

Welcome consultation when you have any project of collapsible box. We will also offer you perfect solution of injection molding line.

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