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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Increase your storage volume by using Folding Crates & Collapsible Box

Sino is a famous folding crate China manufacturer. Sino can provide various foldable crates. Sino is a leader in folding crate China making. We are looking for customers all over the world. As an experienced folding crate China maker, our crate quality is very good. SHG foldable crates, folding containers, collapsible crates and large foldable container LFC are conform world logistical standard. We use different injection plastic material and adopt advanced molding method.  We will introduce foldable crate and the processing in our company.

Foldable crate characteristics: Convenience for storage and transportation, no radiation, less occupation, moisture-proof, alkali-resisting, light weight, stackable, convenient assemblycorrosion resisting, magnificent appearance and so on. These advantages destine the folding crate will be the trend in further storage and transportation.

Folding crate China can save the cost. Firstly, compared with the traditional crate, SHG folding crate can help to save the time cost in your warehouse. SHG folding crate can recycling, which can save the material cost during delivery. The crate could get back after goods hand over. It keeps accordance with the principle of energy conservation and environmental protection. Folding crate is our main project, so customers can buy the foldable crate from us at a moderate price. For the crates are foldable and stackable, one container could hold 2-3 times more than traditional crate. It will help customers save the shipping cost. Using Foldable crates can realize automation handling, efficiency, improve the circulation rationalization and greatly reduce customers’ storage and transportation cost.

The plastic material of folding crate China is special HDPE. Special HDPE can meet the need of superior stability. Special HDPE has higher intension and hardness. It can also stand high working temperature. Special HDPE consist chemical elements carbon and hydrogen which can make the plastic melting better flow ability, shorten the molding circle time. For folding crate injection, this material special HDPE is a good choice. Our engineers develop it by themselves. We are folding crate China manufacturer, which can be your best choice of folding crate.

There is a little difficult in injection molding of folding crate. Following are some common molding defects: short time injection, rough appearance, flash, unbalanced thickness. In order to settle these problems, our company use high-gloss injection molding technique to realize injection and make up the defects. High gloss injection also called rapid heat cylinder molding (RHCM) and highlight molding. It is a new and advanced injection method for plastic molding industry. Its advantages:

·         Highlight injection technology is specialized in eliminating the welting line and silver marks on the folding crate container.
·         Highlight injection technology can improve the flow ability of plastic melting. It can avoid some injection defects during molding.
·         Highlight injection technology can increase the folding crate glossiness. High gloss injection could solve all the problems and improve the folding crate container surface quality and strength.

SHG folding crate China has the advantages of stable, brightly appearance, no flash. SHG folding crate China is anti-aging, the max load can be 75 kg. Folding crate China is convenient for delivery and stack. We can design the foldable crate dimension, specific as per customers’ needs. The lids can also be chosen by the customers. The collapsible crates are designed and made according to dimension offered by customers. Foldable crate can help customer effective use the plant, increase the storage volume of electronic elements, electronic instrument. It can save the production cost.

Owned advanced equipment, machine and high-quality engineers that we can process with customer's materials and innovate for them. We are folding crate China supplier; hope we can cooperate with each other.

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