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Sunday, 23 December 2012

SHG offers foldable crates online services to their customers

SHG foldable crate has excellent performance. We are looking for customers all over the world. Our company offer good service for our customers. We provide foldable crates online service all the time. We promise to offer you the high quality folding crate container. Special order and small quantity order are also accepted. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our collapsible crate, foldable crates online service staff will try best to answer your every question and settle your confusion. Foldable crates online services will help you understand our folding crate features, functions, material and any other information you need.

Following are some information about our company:

Name: Sino Mould Co., Ltd
Add: 369# Xinjiang Road, Xinqian Street, Huanyan Taizhou, Zhejiang province, China
Post code: 318020
Tel: 86 576 84086666 or 86 576 84023777
Fax: 86 576 84018996
E-mail: or

If you have any problem, please kindly contact with our foldable crates online service person.

Here are some questions customers often ask.

Question: Compare the folding crate container and traditional crate container, why more and more people prefer to use folding crate container?

Foldable crates online answer: Because the folding crate container is the tendency in nowadays. With the development of the society, the traditional crate can not meet people’s needs any more. Though the traditional crate can also be stacked, but it won’t save the store space. So if there is anything in the crate, to transport the traditional crate is costly. On the contrary, the folding crate can be folded when it is empty. Folding crate can save the transportation cost and make it more convenient to store.

Question: The crate is foldable, if it will be too fragile. If there will be any influence on the crate endurance?

Foldable crates online answer: Of course not. The foldable crate is use different plastic material, special HDPE with is developed by our research and development department. The performance of this kind HDPE is better than ordinary HDPE; it is harder and more stable. The features of material decide the excellent quality of foldable crate. The shrinkage strength should be bigger than 40Mpa. In this way, we can make sure SHG Foldable Crate with good durability and long service life. In fact, folding crate can even stand higher pressure then the traditional one.

Question: Why should we choose SHG foldable crate?

Foldable crates online answer: We own a strong R&D department which can offer the best crate injection and process solution. All your requirements can be satisfied, all your confusion can be settled. We also can give you suggestion to make the crate more stable and durable. Our injection method is different than others. Highlight injection molding technique is adopted in folding crate injection. Highlight injection molding can make the crate surface more smoothly and reduce the injection defects such as silver marks, filling dissatisfaction, and rough surface. Last but not least, we have a strict inspection (quality control) system. All of our crate have passed the dimension inspect, stacking test, compressive property inspect and drop test.

Question: Can I choose foldable crate color?

Foldable crates online answer: Of course you can, our company will make the crate as per your demand.  

Question: what is your folding crate working temperature, what’s the max and min temperature?

Foldable crates online answer: SHG collapsible crate have good adaptability, it can work in the temperature from -30 degree to 45 degree.

Above are the questions customers asked frequently, hope you can have a generally idea of folding crate from the answers. If the answers still can’t help you, welcome to contact us. Foldable crates online service staffs will answer you at once.

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