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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Collapsible bulk crate saves your money and the environment

To transport goods, products from one destination to the other you need to have some sort of containers, crates or boxes. Although these may appear to be very simple requirements, the fact of the matter is that it is quite difficult to find them in the sizes desired or appropriate to your needs. Collapsible containers are the ideal solution to this dilemma; they come in wood, plastic and all the pivotal points in them are provided with plastic pins which snap in place. This enables the containers to be gathered easily or taken apart with equal ease since no pivotal components need to be removed or adjusted. Collapsible bulk container or collapsible bulk crate is very useful as it saves a lot on expenses. This type of container has metal bars to support the hanging files of channels which expand inwards from the end of the container. These channel elements have a closed end, bottom and sides.

Collapsible containers offer several undeniable advantages which include the benefit of being lightweight and hence easily transportable. They also come without nails and are safe to handle. Easy to put together, the collapsible bulk container can be customized as per individual requirements. These collapsible containers are just right for every product ranging from lightweight to delicate and heavy weight and high premium products. They are also delivered in the collapsed state to ensure easy stacking and storing. The simulated steel contours make the containers or crates sturdy and durable. The other major advantage of a collapsible crate or container is that it can be customized and certified to hold dangerous goods.

Collapsible bulk container or collapsible bulk crate are returnable ensuring reduction of wastage in every business. The usage of one-time containers or other packaging products contribute to nearly 30% of the landfill waste. Collapsible bulk containers are used and reused continuously in a business as in between suppliers and clients. These can be used innumerable times thereby reducing expenses and wastage considerably. The collapsible bulk containers or crates work out much more reasonable in the long run when compared to any other one-time packaging product. Lowered expenses can be seen in the cost of per piece of the container. The investment quickly pays off through repeated usage, no labour involved, lesser handling of materials, floor space and quality products. Since bulk containers are used repeatedly, you don’t have to keep buying newer ones and labour costs also come down because of negligible assembly of boxes. There are also lesser moves from stacked containers or crates resulting in minimum handling and negligible damage to packaging which also translates into lesser rejects on grounds of quality.  

There are many manufacturers specializing in collapsible bulk containers or crates and it is very easy to find one on the net. Plenty of service providers offer collapsible crates, boxes or containers at subsidized rates and in all shapes and sizes. You can visit the various online portals and compare rates and services for your collapsible bulk crate or container.

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