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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Collapsible crate is useful not only in industry but also at home

Although crates, containers, boxes are integral to any business or industry involving transportation or stocking of goods/produce, they have undergone a total change from the early designs. The rigid crates have given way to collapsible crates which are much more user friendly as well as space saving. The collapsible crate is exceedingly in demand in the medical, mechanical, household appliances, food, automotive and other various light industries. It is non-toxic, non-radioactive, hygienic and odourless making it an indispensable item especially in the food and pharmaceutical sector. It is also resistant to any alkali or acidic medium making it suitable for electronic components, power meters and various other electronic instruments.
Easy to clean and maintain, the collapsible crate is reusable umpteen number of times and is an excellent choice as a means to saving on transportation, warehouse storage and for distribution and processing. The other main advantage of a collapsible crate is that it fits in very well with pallet boxesand is thus used extensively for all types of production, processing, distributing and storing activities. It eases the logistics system and makes for more efficiency in terms of storing, distributing and transporting. It has become a highly valued piece of equipment by anyone connected with the industry involving huge storage and distribution facilities.
Collapsible crates boast of superior air circulation and with their elegant looks do not look out of place even in the best of stores. Fresh produce or other merchandise can be displayed to their full advantage in stores in these crates. They bring about a huge amount of savings on logistical expenses and quicken the distribution cycle commendably. Compared to the regular crates, the collapsible crate is more suited to heavy duty loads and with its space saving advantage definitely works out much better than the regular crates.
The plastic used in these crates is of absolutely top order which imparts toughness, impact resistance power and environmental protection at all times. The material is in tune with the requirements of various countries and hence poses no problems even if used for exports. Since the material is of such high grade quality, collapsible crates are much valued in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.
Since these collapsible crates have no nails and are very lightweight they are also safe for workers. These crates are usually delivered in their collapsed state so that they can easily be stacked and stored till the time they are required to be used. They are easily stacked saving valuable space and even money on transportation since many more of these crates can be fitted inside a single truck than the normal ones.
The collapsible crate also has its uses inside the home or work place as it can be used to store tools, toys, perishables or sporting equipment. It is just right for your garage or your basement. Being fully recyclable, the collapsiblecrate is not only good for the environment but also proves to be easy on the pocket in the long run.

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