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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Foldable pallet box is an excellent alternative to regular boxes

Pallet boxes are an extremely convenient, safe and secure way of transporting various kinds of goods to and fro. These can be used in the domestic as well as the export market with equal ease and security. The foldable pallet box has become extremely popular due to its space saving nature and is used frequently for transport of heavy duty materials and products. It can be easily lifted by forklift or pallet trucks and comes with skids, feet or castors. Other than the ones with castors, most pallets can be stacked up to a height of six boxes.

Pallet boxes can be made of various materials including wood, paper, steel and plastic. The wooden pallet folding box is mainly used for heavy loads but it needs specific dimensions and the size and shape depends upon its intended usage. Although wooden pallet boxes continue to be in demand, there are some disadvantages to using it and these have made the plastic pallet boxes more popular. The wooden ones need to have nails to be put together and at times, the nails may damage the goods within or they may hurt the carrier. If used for export, the wooden pallet box may not pass official regulations in certain countries and may be seized or kept in transit. The steel pallet boxes are durable and strong and come in carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminium. They are mainly used for very heavy loads. 
The most popular pallet box is made of plastic as plasticis non-corrosive, non-rusting and resistant to rot, weathering, water and chemicals. Plastic pallet boxes are fork-lift friendly and can be handled by conveyor belts and pallet trucks as well.These are sturdy, strong, hygienic and durable. Since the plastic used is of high food grade quality, these can be safely used for food products, fresh produce as well as pharmaceuticals. 

The folding pallet box is in great demand because of its economical space storage and high volumes. A huge amount of savings can be made in freight space as well as warehouse storage space with foldable pallet box. It also helps prevent back injuries and lessens the chances of product damage. These folding pallet boxes come in both lightweight models for export and heavy duty reinforced models. They are easy to clean, easily stackable and hardily secure. Folding pallet boxes offer many advantages over rigid pallet boxes when it comes to transporting and storing empty boxes. Some also come with doors which drop down providing easy access to goods within. This is especially convenient for display of products in stores. Doors at sides offer easy packing and unpacking. Many sizes are available and some come with ventilated holes which are ideal for perishable goods. The base feet or runners can have various configurations according to the design of the model. 

The foldable pallet box is returnable which means that there is a drastic reduction in waste and it is a very good alternative to one-time use boxes and containers.

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