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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Folding crate for dogs is a boon for the pet owner

Folding crates have umpteen numbers of uses ranging from industrial, agricultural to home removal uses. But, there is also another unique usage of a folding crate and that is of training and house breaking pet dogs. Owners of dogs have discovered just how useful and handy folding crates can be for their pet in various forms.
By its very nature foldable crates are meant to be easily folded and put up or stacked. When the crate becomes flat it becomes that much easier to store and in fact, gives the dog owner many storage options. The foldable crate can easily slide underneath a bed or couch or fit into a closet and it is certainly very handy while travelling with your pet. Folding crates with a two or three doors options offer more flexibility in terms of fitting it in with the general furniture of the house.
For small homes, folding crates are a boon as they need not occupy much floor space constantly and can be easily folded and stacked when you are having parties or just need more floor space for a particular period of time. They can be shifted from room to room as and when required. For instance, if you are expecting guests, the pet’s folding crate can easily be shifted away from the drawing room or the guest room as the case maybe.
The woes of travelling with your pet also become redundant with folding crates. For travelling with your pet dog these are indispensable as very often pets feel unsettled in a new environment and their familiar enclosure gives them a sense of security. The regular crates are too bulky to be carted everywhere but these folding ones are apt for travelling purposes. Airlines too prefer the lighter folding crates to the heavy standard ones and easily pass the foldable crate whereas it may become cumbersome to obtain permission for the regular heavy ones. The foldable crates ease the matter and simplify flying with your pet. Even while travelling long distance in cars, a folding crate for your dog is useful especially if the pet is a small one; the small crate can be snugly fitted onto the floor space of the vehicle and your pet will also be saved from the inevitable jolts and jerks of car travelling
For house breaking and training, folding crates are very handy as it allows your pet its own space making it easier to obey rules and not run amok in the house. Your pet will know that it is his own space and it will get used to it in no time at all. While housebreaking your pet the folding crate is useful in that the pet can be put inside it in the event that you have to suddenly go out on errands etc. Most crates for pets come with rounded corners to prevent accidental injuries.
Take your time and pick out the right folding crate for your beloved pet; it will be advantageous on both sides.

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