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Monday, 21 January 2013

Folding crate manufacturer- the internet is the best bet to find one

Folding crates are high in demand by various industries because of their easy portability, storage and light weight. Although there is plenty of folding crate manufacturers, you have to look for the one who will be able to cater to your needs the best. Ideally, the folding crate manufacturer should have its own research and development department as then it can innovate, improve and come up with the best solutions constantly. The client’s specifications will be given due consideration and the durability and strength of the foldable storage box will be assured. The best of crate manufacturers take into account social and business needs, customer preferences and transport facilities without compromising on quality.
Although crates can be made of various materials like wood, steel and even paper, it has been seen that for sheer durability and convenience there is nothing to beat the plastic crates. If the plastic boxes are foldable it becomes much better for everyone concerned. Most of the plastic storage boxes take up a large amount of space when not in use even during transportation. Foldable storage box eliminates the problem of storage and transportation as it can be transformed to a much smaller size when not filled with goods. This not only saves on valuable space in the warehouse or factory but also because that many more crates can be accommodated into a single truck than the normal ones, the cost of transportation can also go down tremendously. Being reusable a hundred times over it also brings down the expense of continuously purchasing new crates. This spells well for the environment also since the landfill wastage is drastically reduced.
Any reputed folding crate manufacturer uses only the best quality plastic for the crates. The HDPE material is good for durability and hygiene and assures of a long service life. Such folding crates can withstand climatic changes and are oil, acid and alkali resistant. They are also very easy to clean and wash. No tools are necessary to open or close the crates as you simply have to open and fold the crates by hand. Since the foldable storage box is lightweight it is easy to carry and results in negligible injuries to labour or damage to produce /goods. It can be stacked one on top of another without any problems whether they are lidded or not. Such crates are compatible with roller belt conveyors, forklifts and pallet trucks.
Reliable folding crate manufacturers always use highlight injection molding methods as this technique is considered to be the best for making the surface of the crate smooth without getting slippery. This method also reduces defects like rough surfaces or silver marks. The crate becomes more stable and sturdy without becoming heavy.
If you are in the market for folding crates then it is best advised to look for a folding crate manufacturer which can satisfy all of the above criteria. The internet is full of folding crate manufacturers and suppliers and with a bit of research you should be able to get something to your satisfaction.

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