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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The foldable crate offers convenient, clean and environmental protection

Crates have become an indispensable part of any business especially those involving transportation of goods from one place to another. The inner space of a crate is very large so it can hold a large quantity of goods or produce. Although this appears beneficial as larger quantity of goods can be stored in smaller number of crates, the downside to this is that once empty it occupies a significant portion of the store/warehouse space. This leads to unnecessary blockage of space as well as cumbersome transportation once empty. But, crates need not be rigid only; nowadays, the foldable crate has become very popular due to its flexibility and the numerous advantages it offers over regular crates.
There are several undeniable advantages which a foldable crate has over the regular, standardized, rigid crate. Foldable crates are made of high grade plastic like PPR and HEPE which are long lasting, hygienic and sturdy yet lightweight. Due to its durability, the plastic foldable crate has a long usage and is returnable and reusable hundreds of times. The material does not get easily oxidized and is easy to inject and mold. Plastic foldable crates are rust-resistant, water-resistant and can weather climatic changes without causing any damage to goods. Foldable crates can be easily folded back when not in use and this saves a lot of space in the warehouse or during transportation of goods. These crates fit in three times the ratio of normal crates which means that you save a lot on transport as many more foldable crates can fit into a single truck than the normal ones.
Foldable crates are high in demand in supply chain industries, food markets and in various fields of transportation of goods. Pharmaceuticals as well as the market for perishable goods find the foldable crate exceedingly useful as the high food grade plastic is hygienic and non-slippery. Many come with vents to keep the air circulating. Some also come fitted with drainage plugs and taps. The majority of folding crates are designed with mathematical precision to match all sorts of packaging logistics. This enables smooth functioning of logistics which is so very crucial to business especially in the chain supply business. Since the folding crates can be easily disassembled, the parts can be kept as stock and this means substantial savings.
Even for agricultural usage the folding crate is a hand down winner. Foldable agricultural crates are manufactured keeping in mind the specific requirements of the agricultural industry. Hence, they are clean, hygienic and secure leading to no contamination or damage during transit or storage. The crates are reusable which means lowered cost in the supply chain as well as environmental sustainability.
The foldable crate can be custom fitted in accordance with customer preference and is perfect for transportation of lightweight, heavy duty, hazardous, delicate or sensitive goods. It is easy to take apart and put it back and besides offering total protection for goods it is space saving which is one of its biggest advantages.

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