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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Pallet container- totally risk-free, sturdy and hygienic

A pallet container is a heavy duty container which has pallet footings. It is used to load products on the top as it is a level structure for transportation. It can either be manually hauled with hand pumped or drawn pallet jacks or forklifted. The extra-large pallet boxes are usually forklifted and these come with castors, skids or feet. The majority of models are forklift-friendly and except for the castor pallet boxes all can be stacked quite high.
Pallet containers are made of various materials like plastic, steel, paper or wood. Each material has its own characteristics and is used in accordance of the needs of the industry. Pallets made of wood are usually customized depending upon the usage. For instance, goods to be transported for exports or chemical goods may require different dimensions and specifications than those for FDA, storage or general goods. These also depend upon the type of wood preferred by the customer, the amount of load which is going to go in them and fasteners like nails or staples which hold the pallet boxes together.
A pallet container of paper is normally used for light loads and it is the predominant preference where recycling and an easy means of disposal are of importance. Engineered paper pallet boxes are increasingly being used for loads usually associated with pallets made of wood.
Plastic pallet containers are the most popular choice as they are durable, environmental-friendly and water-resistant. They are also resistant to corrosion, rust, weathering and chemicals. Most of these pallets can easily be stacked and are compatible with forklifting trucks, conveyor systems and pallet trucks. A plastic pallet container can easily last for more than a hundred trips. They are also food-friendly as they have non-slip surfaces and are made of food grade plastic. These make them extremely suitable for pharmaceuticals, food and other sterile industries. One major advantage which a plastic pallet container has over its wooden counterpart is that no official regulations are necessary for exports to certain countries where questionable wooden pallets may be held up and goods get inordinately delayed or seized by customs leading to huge revenue losses.
Steel pallet containers come in stainless steel, aluminium and carbon steel. They are very sturdy and are used for extremely heavy duty loads or loads which require high stacking, dry storage for a long term and those which are dependent on rigid logistic structures.
A pallet container also comes with ventilated holes which are very handy for perishable goods and some of them can also be fitted with taps and drainage plugs. A collapsible pallet container saves tremendously on storage space and can be stacked one on top of another when fully folded. Certain collapsible pallet containers come with drop down doors which make for easy access to goods. Collapsible pallet containers save a lot on freight expenses and warehouse storage space.
You can discover the benefits of a pallet container by simply going online and checking out the various portals dealing in it.

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  1. Folding pallet boxes are in a great demand in today's market for goods transportation.They doesn't acquire much space itself, but at the same moment can carry heavy loads.


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