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Friday, 15 February 2013

Extend your storage capacity and save space by using collapsible crates

With the development of the transportation, Collapsible crate is commonly using among the storage, logistics, food, manufacture  industry and etc.

Our company foldable crate raw material adopt special HDPE material to reach highly durability requirement. HDPE has the advantage of non-toxic, tasteless, moisture, corrosion resistance. Our collapsible crate is light weight, durable, can stacking, beautiful appearance and abundant color. We can produce the crate depend on the customers’ special requirement, like the specification, dimension, cover, beauty and dust resistance.

After make the empty crate folding, the crate volume will become smaller. Generally speaking, one folding crate only occupy 1/4 to 1/3 of the general assembly volume. Due to the foldable crate storage characteristic, it helps to save the storage space. Make the storage area compressed, thus the plant become more capacious, extend component storage capacity and the storage become flexibility and mobility. 

Attentionplease do not place the collapsible crates in the outdoors. In order to avoid the sun-scorched and rain-drenched make the plastic foldable crate easy to aging and affect the working life. And please do not make the Collapsible Crates close to the source of fire or the temperature higher than 150 degree. Sometimes we use these folding crate container to packing some goods to customer. When these goods reached customer, After load down these goods. We can folding these folding crate and carry these folded crate back. It’s very convenient to folding and reduce the transportation cost.

SHG is our foldable crate brand. we are one of Chinese best Collapsible Box Suppliers. Now we have made more than 4 series folding crate. They are respectively applied for the life area,agriculture filed,industry and large foldable container to stroge large goods.
In a word, Sino holdings group spare our every effort to show you our best product and service  for you. And  to create high-quality folding cartons, adds convenience and wonderful for your life. We never stop to improve the folding crate innovation continuously. Now our Collapsible Crates reach a very good designed with good durability through cost effective solution. And SHG foldable crate R&D department researched special plastic material to improve its service life. 

Our production becomes very mature. So SHG foldable crate is with long service life, but at competitive price level. If you really interested in our Collapsible crate, welcome to make detail consultation. Sino holdings group looking forward to your suggestion and any comments. Your support is the biggest source for us to moving forward.

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