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Monday, 18 February 2013

The many advantages of a folding pallet box

Pallet boxes are a very convenient way of transporting goods and are much used in both the domestic as well as the export market. The folding pallet box is used a lot for heavy duty products as it can be easily lifted by pallet trucks or forklifts. It has feet, castors or skids and except the one with castors, the others can be stacked quite high (upto six boxes) very safely and easily. 

The folding pallet box or the collapsible pallet container is made of plastic, steel, wood or paper. Out of these materials, the plastic one is the most extensively used because it is light weight yet sturdy. Being non-corrosive, water-resistant and not vulnerable to climatic changes, the plastic folding pallet box is hygienic and durable. It is the most preferred in the food and medical industry as well as the electronics industry. 

Available in many sizes, the folding pallet box also has special ventilated holes for air circulation and drop down doors for convenient access to the goods. Since the box is lightweight, it makes for easier carrying and results in less back injuries as well as product damage. Reinforced heavy duty models in this category too are available for really heavy stuff or highly sensitive goods. 

In an age where every extra square inch means shelling out huge amounts of money, the folding pallet box saves the pocket by being accommodated in much smaller areas but in larger quantities.

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